Alison Walker

What struck me about the 5×50 challenge – 5k for 50 days – is that it is very achievable for most of us even if we’re going into it without having done much exercise before. Not all of us can be marathon runners! We can also choose which whether we run, walk or cycle and to be honest that suits me as I do get a bit bored with only running. It’s sociable, you get fitter, everyone helps each other along, it benefits charities and gives you a sense of achievement. It’s a no brainer really.

Eilish McColgan

The 5×50 challenge is a fantastic idea which pushes individuals outside the boundaries. Anything that gets people out exercising can only be seen as a positive – so the fact that so much money is raised along the way – is truly fantastic. I wish everyone the best and good luck!!

Mark Beaumont

Cycling around the world or rowing through the Arctic certainly take a lot of endurance, but put simply these challenges are all about achieving a daily target. They aren’t as difficult as the big picture might seem and the biggest barriers are in the mind. In a similar way, the 5×50 challenge is a huge dream but with a very achievable daily target. This is a challenge that can change your life and show you what your capable of. Yes, there are days that will be tough, but I promise those are the ones you will look back on with most pride.

Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer, England

Being active and doing the CMO recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week for adults is not just good for your physical health but also your mental health. I believe that if physical activity was a drug it would be classed as a wonder drug which is why I would encourage everyone to get up and be active. The work that 5×50 do is extremely important and I am proud to say I support them.

Nicky Marr

The 5×50 Challenge is an extraordinary beast. Before 5×50 it was easy to find an excuse not to run – I’ve got a busy family life with an erratic work schedule, so there was always something more important to do than exercise.vBut 5×50 took away all the excuses, and changed my default setting from ‘I’m too busy to exercise’ to ‘when can I fit it in?’ And suddenly exercise became less of a chore and more of a priority in my life. I’ve done both Challenges so far (and they are challenges – it’s not easy!) but the motivation from the rest of the 5×50 family is fantastic.

Dr Michael McBride, Chief Medical Officer, Northern Ireland

Being physically active is a vital part of maintaining and promoting good personal health. The existing UK-wide Chief Medical Officer guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week for adults, but any amount of physical activity is better than none at all. It is important that we can all avail of opportunities to be physically active whether it be through team sports, active travel to and from school or work, or even recreational walking or cycling.

Dr Ruth Hussey, Chief Medical Officer, Wales

We all know that physical activity has many benefits ranging from physical health benefits to having more energy and feeling more positive. Now, in the New Year, is an ideal time to get motivated again and doing something active in our leisure rather than spend time on our computers or in front of the television. Even small increases in physical activity are associated with some protection against chronic diseases and an improved quality of life.

Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport in the Scottish Government

I am pleased to support the 5×50 Challenge. Inactivity is one of the biggest health issues of the 21st Century and our overriding Commonwealth Games Legacy is to help Scots become and stay physically active. The 5×50 Challenge supports our aim of building healthier, more active lifestyles and I hope people across Scotland will be inspired and rise to the 5×50 Challenge!

Sir Harry Burns, Former Chief Medical Officer, Scotland

Physical inactivity is one of the greatest public challenges we face. We are determined to help get Scots more active as this is one of the best things we can do to improve our health and add increase life expectancy. I would urge everyone to take the first steps to a healthier, more active lifestyle and sign up and enjoy this challenge. I’ll be keeping in touch with this year’s challenge and doing my bit to keep active too.

Kenny Riddle

It’s great to be involved again with the 5×50 challenge, it’s great to see more and more people involved with it which is a great way to get going in a team effort to get fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle whilst helping raise funds.

Mhairi Spence

Life truely begins at the end of your comfort zone. Taking on the 5×50 challenge is a great place to start pushing your boundaries. A challenge like this can help kick start a healthier, happier life style. It may seem like a long journey, but by taking one day at a time you can achieve your goal. We must all begin somewhere. As a Modern Pentathlete I take 5 very diverse sports, however I started with just one. With the 5×50 challenge you can do the same. At the end of your 50 days you will look back and scarcely believe where you came from.

Jenni Falconer

I am very impressed with the 5×50 challenge. For me, having a goal is a huge motivation to, signing up to something like this would certainly spur me on! This challenge is a great way to commit to a healthier lifestyle, improve your fitness and by exercising so regularly, it can only help your heart, mind and outlook. I believe that the next generation should be encouraged to be as active as possible and by taking part in the 5×50 challenge, you are also setting a positive example.

Liz McColgan

I would like to encourage everyone to take part in the 5×50 challenge. Building on last years success it’s a great way to keep fit and motivated to achieve something special but at the same time raise money for a great charity. So off the sofa trainers on and enjoy !!

Kaye Adams

I am delighted to continue my support for the 5×50. To be honest, it’s become less of a challenge and more just ‘something I do’. I really enjoy my cycle to work and back and I see it as part of my routine. As a bonus, I’ve lost a few pounds in weight and saved a few on petrol. It’s what they call a ‘win win!

David Smith MBE

As a supporter of the 5×50 challenge I am fully behind it again for this year after seeing first hand the impact it had on people who took part last year. This is the beauty of sport, you can take part at your own level, set your own goals and at the same time of achieving your own fitness goals and improving your health, you help many others through inspiring people around you, but also raising money for a great cause.

Mairi Rodgers

I’m so excited about the challenge! I’m not much of a runner or a cyclist but somehow every day I managed to get out there and do it the last time. And I really loved it!

Shona Thomson

I am delighted to be an ambassador for the 5×50 challenge 2014. Having combined a London City career with running for over ten years, I know that the best days of my life have genuinely been those, not sitting behind a desk, but out in the fresh air. I am just a pretty average girl who achieved my goal to become the first female Scot to run a marathon on all seven continents and I will be running the North Pole marathon in April 2014.

Karen Darke

I’m looking forward to the 5×50 Challenge again this year. I won’t be running 5K a day as I have to integrate something in that complements my handbike training just before the race seasons begins. Amazing things come from the small things that we do everyday … though I know running 5K a day doesn’t feel very small! I’ve decided to do 5 sets of theraband work a day for the challenge this year, to help me get my shoulder muscles strong and in good health which will hopefully mean racing a handbike faster!

Roddy Riddle

I am an ex international cyclist who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2008. To prove that having type 1 diabetes shouldn’t stop you achieving your goals in life I chose in 2013 to run the toughest footrace in the World, the Marathon Des Sables. Taking part in 5×50 will give you a tremendous goalpost to aim for, having goalposts in life to aim for make getting off the couch so much easier. You can surprise yourself by what you can achieve like I did, enjoy!

Amanda Hamilton

“Be the best version of yourself” is what I’ve begun using as a motto – both personally and professionally and the 5×50 Challenge is a perfect way to move towards that. The founders have created something really clever and catchy; a challenge that is achievable and made personal to you, by you. The added factor of raising money for worthwhile charities brings that extra nudge of motivation for duvet days or difficult days.

Eilidh Gibson

In sport and in general life it is incredibly important to set goals. Goals give us the motivation to get up each morning, to put 100% into everything to do, pick us up when we’re down and allow us to push our limits to realise our potential. Deciding exactly what our goals are is often the hardest bit. The 5×50 challenge is incredibly powerful as it sets a goal for us and everyday there is a small step which gets us closer and closer to the bigger goal.